September 22, 2014


September 22, 2014
Spent the day at Cinque Terre, a rugged portion of coast on the French Riviera. In Italian, the word "cinque" means five, and "terre" means lands. And just like it's name, this beautiful place is made up of five lands - Monterossa al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. Each village is a unique destination with it's own beauty and character to share. A trip worth taking, if you're up for an adventure and a little exploring.

Walked from land to land. Took a stroll down the steep roads and cliffside paths. Caught a glimpse of Via dell'Amore, the path of love. Sat among the pastel houses that climb up the side of cliffs. Overlooked the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. Had amazing pasta and pizza. Tried different flavours of gelato. Touched the clear, bleu water and watched the sunset along the sandy beach. Magnifico!

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