October 31, 2014


October 31, 2014
Today I'm going to share about my visit to GLOMAX AestheticsThe spa offers a series of beauty treatments that aim to produce instantaneous results, with use of aesthetic machines and well-known products. Received a warm welcome from Evon, the director and her team when I arrived at the modern, minimalistic spa located at Soho 2. I kinda like the privacy of the spa, though some might find it a bit troublesome; cause an arranged appointment and special keycode is required before visiting the spa. 

The session started with a personalised consultation; getting to know my daily routine, my skincare products, my main concerns and my facial whatsnot. To sum is all up, my skin is dry due to all my traveling and time on the plane, oily internally and slightly on the T-Zone, but nothing serious like pigmentation or acne. I have fairly good complexion, so the most suitable treatment recommended for me was the  LUMINOUS DETOX FACIAL 

After snapping my before photo, the specialist took me in to a cozy, blue room with birds on the wall. Changed into a robe, wrapped myself in a blanket, and we were ready to start the Luminous Detox Facial. I don't know the names of the machines used, but these were the steps (that I remember) taken:

  • The specialist first cleansed and exfoliated my face thoroughly.
  • Then she used a machine to remove the oil and dead skin cells that accumulated on my face over time. It felt a little like an octopus was touching my face, cause of the suction sensation. Haha! It was shocking to see the amount of dead skin cells on the cotton pad, no wonder my skin looked dull!
  • After that, she used another machine to remove the blackheads and whiteheads. That's my main area of concern! I think I have an excessive amount of blackheads on my nose, urghh! The removal was not as painful as I thought it would be, but seeing the 'heads' with my own eyes was a little painful.
  • Then came the worse part of any facial - EXTRACTION! There was no steaming involved, because an over dose of steam dries out the skin and causes the pores to open. So, yes! It was painful but she managed to get rid of the embedded oil seeds and a very unsightly pimple at my chin, but there might be a scar for that. Boo!
  • Later on, she used another machine to help in the prevention of inflammation. It was stingy, it felt like electric cotton candy stinging my face.
  • And then it was followed by the use of a cold machine, which felt like a big slab of ice, that massaged my face and infused vitamins into my skin. My vitamin cocktail was made of Vitamin C, Pentawhite and Green Tea Extract, to boost whitening. 
  • Then came my favourite part, the M&M! The first M stands for MASK; a charcoal mask was used to clear and tighten my pores. The second M is the MASSAGE; finished off with a shoulder massage to relieve my aches and help my muscles relax.
  • The facial ended with light cleansing, dabs of toning, some moisturising and a layer of UV protection. 

I felt rejuvenated after the facial, my skin looked brighter and my pores were clear, had minor red marks on my cheeks but I felt confident enough to walk around bare-faced for a day. 

This is my skin after 5 days, looking glowy and fresh. I am so happy with the result, thank you GLOMAX Aesthetics! I look forward to the next visit!

And I've got good news for you readers! There are 2 FREE FACIALS for 2 LUCKY READERS to be won, worth $108 to $400 each!

  1. Post your troubled skin with this liner "I want to win @GLOMAXAesthetics free facial for #NoFilterSkin!" and tag 3 friends.
  2. Follow @GLOMAXAesthetics on Instagram.
  3. Two lucky winners will be chosen on 15 November 2014.
T&C: Winners are required to post their before & after facial photos on Instagram with a short testimonial.

Please call 6225 5193 or visit 12 Eu Tong Sen Street. Soho 2. #06-168 Singapore 059819 for any enquiries. Cheers to #NoFilterSkin!

October 19, 2014


October 19, 2014
Made a trip to Mayfield Lavender Farm and fortunately for me, acres of tall, violet lavenders were in bloom! Though I did find the three hour journey to the farm a little troublesome, cause I had to switch train lines and hop on a scheduled bus to get there and back. But after all the fuss, being in that farm was worth it; not something I would do again, but it's a place I wanted to visit it at least once.

I sipped on lavender lemonade and munched on lavender fairy cakes. Tried lavender tea, and it really isn't my cup of tea. Breathed in the distinct scent of lavender, it was so calming I could have fallen asleep. Laid down on royal violet spikes and grey-green leaves, and ended up with lavenders in my hair. Plucked some lavender stalks to press in my little blue book. And spammed my camera with enchanting sights of never ending lavenders. I love lavenders, both the colour and the smell. 

October 18, 2014

October 10, 2014


October 10, 2014

Basic, minimal, and a little chunky.
I think of sharpies when I wear it.

October 04, 2014


October 04, 2014
Had a great weekend back home in my little island. I always get a warm, fuzzy feeling when I step through my front door and hug my parents! And being greeted by little Spring is always the best! I missed her fluffy face, and high fives. 

I have also missed the food here, so I stuffed myself silly! Enjoyed seaside seafood with my family, munched on all sorts of delicious desserts with my best friends, and had my local favourites with Le'En. There is too much to eat, and too little time.

I don't think I can write in words how much I love being back. There is always something for me to do or eat, and I'm always surrounded by my loved ones. There is nothing half so pleasant as coming home again; home is where my heart is. Here's a photo diary of my weekend back home:

October 01, 2014


October 01, 2014
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I've always been a lover of Valentino! The designs are always so simple, graceful and preciously delicate; there is always a touch of poise and romance. I'm constantly captivated by their signature mix of intricate lace and ravishing red; which have become classics in their own right. As much as I love their embroidered lace and red ribbons, I've currently fallen head over heels for their RockstudsFrom chic ballerinas to rockin' kitten heels to fierce stilettos; these point-toe studders have a way of adding edge and character.
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