November 27, 2014


November 27, 2014
Haven't been out and about these days, and it's cause I've been lazing in bed playing P O K É M O N! I am a big Pokémon fan and I don't think I will completely outgrow my love for it. Heh! Betcha didn't know Le'En proposed to me with Pokémon! It's a cheesy, but cute one-liner story, and I love telling it. Haha! While I was asleep, he stole my cartridge and changed my Pokémon names; and when I switched on my 3DS, there it was - the B I G question!

Charmanders are red, Squirtles are blue. If you were a Pokémon, I'd choose Y O U, Le'En! 

November 20, 2014


November 20, 2014

Every time I wear this beige number, I remember the day I said 'I Do'.

November 18, 2014


November 18, 2014
Made a stop at Cape Schanck, a beautiful retreat down under! My little escape, miles away from the busy city. Spent the day exploring this hidden gem; starting from the top of the western lookout point and ending at an enchanting, wild beach with black pebbles and blue waves. I found a little piece of serenity while walking on the wooden boardwalk, capturing the magnificent views of different shades of blue. I loved the sound of the roaring ocean and the way the sun kissed my skin; I need more days like this. 

November 16, 2014


November 16, 2014
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Every girl has or will fall in love with a boy; and like any other girl, I've fallen for the Chanel Boy! The iconic 'Boy' bag is undoubtedly the most desirable Chanel bag of the moment. It is much more edgier and structured, with it's ruthenium chain, boxy cut and versatile attitudeThere is something about this bag; a kind of bag that grows on you. He's a charming little fella, ain't he?

November 11, 2014


November 11, 2014
Feeling a little on the heavier side, and it's probably cause I stuffed my tummy at a food trail! An invitation event organised by 8 DAYS EAT, to introduce the new F&B offerings at CHIJMES.

Started the event on an empty stomach, cause like a turkey, I was prepared for some stuffing; but Le'En on the other hand, had no idea what we were walking into. Haha! The food trail gave us a chance to try out some delicious dishes from a number of eateries within the beautiful, historical cathedral. There were 12 stops on the food trail, but we made only 4 stops; and that was more than enough for us! Trust me, we ate in small doses; but we were so full by the time the clock struck five.

Here's a little description on the stops we made at the food trail:
  • 1st Stop -  IKKOUSHA RAMEN 
We kicked off the trail with the menu highlights; the gyoza, the chicken karaage and two different types of ramen, Tonkotsu Ramen & Ajitama Ramen. What a way to start! I'm not a big fan of ramen but after trying their broth, I had a change of heart. And that's the specialty of this place is their broth, the pork bones are constantly changed and boiled many hours to create a distinct, authentic broth. Mmmmm!
  • 2nd Stop -  TATSU 
I think it was my favourite stop, in terms of food and atmosphere. It is a lightly dimmed restaurant that serves sushi by day, and teppanyaki by night. The chef prepared cheesy, garlic teppanyaki lobster and prime cuts of wagyu beef on the grill right in front of us. And just like the food, the show deserved an applause; I was so entertained by the live cooking, flipping utensils and big flames! The chef even let me shake a lobster claw too, like a gentleman. Lol!
  • 3rd Stop -  WHARF OYSTER BAR & GRILL  
Everything and anything oysters! Eat em fresh from the shell, drink em as chowder, dip em in a hot pan - you get the picture. They served us a range of Australian and New Zealand oysters on a platter. If you start at the right point; the fresh oysters progressively taste creamier and richer. Slurped two types of oyster chowders of different base - milky and tomato. Tried Ajillo, which is oysters and mushrooms cooked with garlic olive oil; served with bread for dipping. We'll probably go back to try more, there are so many other options for us to try. Hehe! Oh yeah, what goes well with oysters? Mojitos! So, if you love mojitos, there are 100 mojitos on the menu to choose from! I had a hard time picking one, so I picked a few. Gulp!
  • 4th stop -  DIMBULAH 
Finished off the trail with a cup of latte, truffle fries (who can say no to truffle fries) and two healthy portions of pasta, Aglio Olio and Boscaolia. The Boscaolia isn't very photogenic, but it was an explosion in my mouth. Topped with bacon bits, and cooked with rich and creamy sauce, it was practically sinful! And to top it all off, we ended with a delectable piece of espresso cake! A sweet ending to a 'full'filling day.
It really was a scrumptious journey to embark on! Feast your eyes on some of the yummies in my photo diary:

Do download the 8 DAYS EAT app from the app store, for food reviews, promotions and possibly tasting invites and do pay a visit the various eateries at CHIJMES, located at 30 Victoria Street, Singapore 187996; I promise you'll be spoilt for choice!

November 05, 2014


November 05, 2014

Adding some height in these comfy, nude Jimmy Choo's.
And if my feet could speak, I'm sure they would thank me!
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