December 10, 2014


December 10, 2014
Dropped by GLOMAX Aesthetic last week! It has been a while since my last facial, which you can read here; and my skin was is in need of some help! I somehow developed an extra heavy congestion of blackheads and whiteheads on my T-zone, and an allergy caused itty bitty oil seeds to form on the right side of my face. Boo!

The specialist recommended I try the  INTENSIVE ACNE MEDIC FACIAL . This IPL treatment is most suited for problem skin with congested pores and acne, as it targets the most inner layer of the skin. An all-in-one treatment that aims to clear, fight and prevent acne. Just a little warning, this treatment has both positive and negative outcomes!
PROS - The skin is immediately refined, with a clear and fresh glow after each session. It continuously gets healthier and clearer, because the internal congestion will be targeted resulting in a clean outer layer.
CONS - Brown spots and pigments will appear darker until the melanin that has been released breaks down. Dryness of skin can be seen a few days after the treatment. Not to worry, it'll be alright if you paint on an extra dose of moisturiser.
Here's a detailed procedure on the sixty minute session;

  • The specialist first cleansed and exfoliated my face thoroughly.
  • Then she used a bright, white light to examine the areas of congestion on my face.
  • The treatment then started with sonic cleansing, it gently lifted the impurities, oil and dirt off my skin. It felt like a a blunt knife was scraping of anything uneven on the surface of my face, it was rather painless but very effective. 
  • And then it was straight to extraction! I teared throughout the entire process, as I shared in my previous post, there is no steaming; so it hurt a little more. But I'm so happy the specialist managed to remove all the oil seeds, blackheads and whiteheads on my face! Though I think I could have passed off as Rudolf the red nose reindeer after the extraction. Just in time for Christmas! Haha!
  • After all the pain, the specialist healed my skin with a mild, high frequency antiseptic.
  • She then covered my eyes with a metal eye mask to shield my eyes from the light. 
  • And then she masked my face with an icy cold gel to prep my skin for the IPL treatment. The gel cools the skin and reduces the reflection of the IPL waves from the skin, making the treatment more efficient.
  • I heard some beeps, and then the acne IPL treatment started! The treatment felt like a warm iron on different parts of my face. The light pulses rebalances the sebum level, kills bacteria and controls the oil glands; it penetrates deep into the skin reaching the hypodermis.
  • Later on, the specialist wiped off the cooling gel and cleansed my face again.
  • And then it was time for a the final step, a mask. I did the charcoal mask again, the  carbon draws out deep-dwelling cloggers and tightens the pores.
  • The session ended with light cleansing, a little toning, heavy moisturising and a layer of UV protection.

My skin had an immediate healthy glow after the treatment. There were no congestions, no oil seeds; only red marks here and there, but I was pleased with the result! 

I am also happy to share that GLOMAX Aesthetics carries  RESERVE , a drinkable botanical blend of antioxidants. It has been my daily morning practice to drink a sachet every morning! It is a specially formulated gel with powerful ingredients that aid in boosting the immune system and repairing damage caused by free radicals. Resveratol is the main ingredient and it is supplemented by pomegranate, dark sweet cherry, acai, grapeseeds, aloe vera, green tea and blueberry. This combination of antioxidants repair tired cells, resist premature ageing, maintains metabolism and boosts energy; which is very important for me due to my busy schedule and unhealthy sleeping patterns. 

I honestly believe it helps keeps my skin young and my body healthy, I don't go a day without one! I've actually been having trouble finding Reserve in Singapore, and lucky for me I can now get it here at GLOMAX Aesthetics at $140 a box. It is a little pricey, but this drink really gives me a boost of antioxidants that my body and skin needs!

I also have a great deal for you readers who would like to try out the Intensive Acne Medic Facial! My skin has never felt or looked better, as you can see in the picture above, my naked face is so clear and clean.

Enjoy a full 60 minutes Intensive Acne Medic Facial for only $88 (UP $150) when you quote "CLEO" when making an appointment.

Please call 6225 5193 or visit 12 Eu Ton Sen Street, Soho 2 #06-168 Singapore 059819 and book now. Cheers to #NoFilterSkin!

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