December 20, 2014


December 20, 2014
Today, I'm going to talk about - It's Skin Prestige Créme D' Escargot. I have been using this snail cream for a month now, and I have nothing but praises for it! It is now part of my every day skincare routine. 

The parity between collagen and elastin in the skin matrix of snails is almost equal to humans. But unlike humans, when snails break their shells or face environmental adversity, they biologically secrete a special slime to cover themselves. The slime is packed with anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory, immune modulators, peptides, enzymes, and cell communicating ingredients. These are the key components in snail creams! 

I know it sounds icky to put snail slime on your skin, but let me share with you the benefits of snail cream:

  1. Boost the skin's ability to heal.
  2. Reduces the chances of inflammation and infections.
  3. Triggers the orderly repair of damaged cells and regeneration of healthy cells.
  4. Provides a surge of moisture and nutrition for the skin.
  5. Evens the skin tone and lightens scars.
  6. Softens and brightens the skin.
  7. Gives more elasticity to skin, preventing ageing and wrinkles. 
  8. Gradually whitens the skin.

There are countless of snail creams around, but I personally favour Prestige Créme D' Escargot by It's Skin. It is formulated with 12.600 mg concentrated snail slime, EGF, arbutine, adenosine, pine mushrooms and Grifola Frondosa extract; and all these ingredients are packed into a beautiful 60ml glass-like jewel. It makes a pretty piece to place on my dressing table. Haha!

I use this snail cream every day and night; after cleansing, toning and moisturising. I take one scoop (using the in-box spatula). Place it on the side of my hand. Dot it onto different parts of my face - forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. Spread the snail cream and dap it into my skin. I love it's creamy-gel texture and light, sweet scent; it's the perfect finale for my skin regimen!

I'm also happy to share that NO snails were hurt or killed in the process of making this luxurious snail cream. 

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