February 27, 2015


February 27, 2015
For my big day, I picture myself twirling in something delicate and romantic!

I've always had an idea on how I wanted my dress to be, but it changed from time to time. The only thing I was sure of is, I wanted to walk down the aisle in a Monique Lhuillier! I am crazy about her bridal collections - intricate beading, delicate embroidery, chantilly lace, dreamy silhouettes and enchanting tulle. Each piece is a dream, with intimate detailing. 

So, for my dress hunt, I decided to fly to to L.A. to visit the Monique Lhuillier flagship store on Melrose Place. I had so much fun trying on the classics, the extravagants and the mermaids! Every piece I tried made me feel beautiful, but I had my heart set on only one! I didn't want to take it off; I wanted to sleep in it, eat in it, dance in it, jump in it. It was love! I had my mind made up and in a matter of minutes, it was mine!

And that makes another check on my wedding timeline. 

February 20, 2015


February 20, 2015
안녕하세요! As written in the post before, #leencleo are back from Seoul! For this post, I wrote some brief descriptions about historical landmarks we visited, fun activities we did together and delicious food that filled our tummies.

Wrapped ourselves in layers and took a walk along the city streets. Tossed coins into Cheonggyecheon River and made a few wishes. Caught the changing of guards at Gyeongbokgung Palace, and played a game of hide & seek on the palace grounds. Climbed stone steps and arrived at a breathtaking view of Bukchon Village; we explored the alleys and admired the architecture of the beautiful hanoks. Enjoyed the combination of fried chicken and cold beer. Took a cable car up to N Seoul Tower and walked along the snow covered trails. Scribbled messages of love on a padlock and locked our love; it's a little something we wanted to do together while we were here in Seoul. Gave a wave to King Sejong and Admiral Yi Sun-Shin at Gwanghwamun Square, two of the most influential people in Korean history. Enjoyed a big bowl of bing soo in a hidden cafe on a quiet street. Visited a Hanbok Cafe and played dress up; I had so much fun taking selfies, I love wearing the Hanbok! Hehe. Drew some calligraphy and sipped on sweet tea. Made a stop at Noryangjin Market and picked out some underwater favourites for the chef to cook; the prawns there were so fresh and big! Decided to be adventurous and give sannakji (live baby octopus) a try, the sliced tentacles were sticking to my chopstick and moving in my mouth. Icky! Crossed path with a friendly banana face. And watched the sun set before heading to the airport.

We didn't rush through our days there, we took the time to pace and enjoy each place we visited. Here's my photo diary of part two in Seoul!

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