February 06, 2015


February 06, 2015
Annyeonghaseyo! Back from Seoul, with thousands of photographs and stories! Made many wonderful, happy memories there with Le'En. We thought Seoul would make the perfect place to spend some us time and have our wedding shoot! 

I created a list of places to go, things to do and munchies to eat! I'm proud to say we were able to put a tick on every item on the list! Yay! I don't know where to start, so I'll just create two posts of our week with a little writing and let the pictures do the talking.

We braved the cold and explored in negative digit temperatures. Shopped from noon till night at some of the popular shopping districts, got myself some oversized tops, soft tones high-waist skinnies. Spent a day café-hopping at Garugo-sil and treated our tummies to cakes, tarts, bagels, coffee and ice-cream at chic cafes. Played with sheep for good luck, in the spirit of lunar new year. Took a nice stroll around lively, posh Gangnam. Spent a bomb at 3CE/Stylenanda, cause I love their polka dot collection and casual cool style. We shared a 32CM ice-cream and finished it in minutes. Ate korean street snacks and got a bag full of skincare as we walked through the streets of Myeongdong. Visited Gwanjang Market to try authentic Korean street food, daebak! Had so much fun at our fitting, where we tried on countless of flowy gowns and smart suits for our shoot. Happily drank hot chocolate from a cute Doo Doo cup, it means a lot to me cause the cup is a character he uses to represent him when we message each day. Got lost one night and found ourselves in the midst of a black sky and bright stars.

Everything about those moments were perfect! One for the books for #leencleo! Here is my photo diary of part one in Seoul! 

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