April 27, 2015


April 27, 2015

As a bride-to-be, I have to admit I am having a love-love relationship when it comes to planning my wonderful white affair. There's a great dosage of fun, a tinsy bit of frustration and mix of fixations! The little details are getting bigger and everything is running smooth. No bridezilla here! I don't feel the stress cause I had a well-planned timeline to play with.

I think I've always had this dream and plan on how I wanted my big day to be, so I made many decisions without any hassle. I'm gonna share some details to think about when planning a wedding, it's a long post and I hope it doesn't bore anyone:

  • DATE - I think setting the perfect wedding date is the first thing to do! Cause the question after well-wishes is always, "When's the wedding?". We wanted the date to be special and one that works for our family & friends. We put into consideration the practicality of the day, the time needed to plan, the big nono-days and the collision of schedules; and ended up picking a significant, lucky Saturday to hold our wedding.
  • VENUE - Picking the wedding space is the part that takes up the most time! My advise is to pick the mood, theme and feel you want for your wedding, estimate the amount of guests, check the availability of the date and draw up a shortlist of suitable venues to visit. We had a low-key registration, so for our wedding reception we were looking for minimalistic glamour at a five-star hotel. We payed a visit to a number of hotels around Singapore, and my mind and heart was made up on one. I fell instantly in love with the aesthetics of the space and the breathtaking view of the sea; I could envision the the decor, the flow and the magic of the wedding in that beautiful ballroom. But before making our decision and signing, we did make a comparison chart. we looked through the full breakdown of all the costs, what is included and not included in the package, the in-house catering and the facilities/services support. 
  • WEDDING PLANNER - I think this one is optional, but having a good wedding planner makes everything easier. With their experience, the planner helps you stay within your budget, plan out a safe timeline, hires the vendors and sets up the important appointments. For our wedding, we have a planner but I still think I am the best person to see to all the little and big details for our wedding.
  • THEME - The theme of the wedding is the key to planning the details. Once you pick the theme, everything else will fall into place nicely. We are having a black-tie wedding, with smart suits and dreamy dresses; in an all white, minimalistic setting and touches of flowers here and there. That theme is set and locked in my mind, but I can't help but spend hours scrolling through Tumblr, pinning on Pinterest and finding inspiration through bridal magazines! 
  • PRE-PHOTOSHOOT - Having pre-wedding photoshoots creates a personal touch to any wedding. As you all know, we had ours done in Seoul, Korea with IDO Wedding. We had it done early this year, cause we were advised that it would take a few months for them to create and send us the wedding album.
  • DRESS - I think every bride will probably have the best time finding the dream wedding dress. Trying on dress after dress, from mermaid cuts to ballroom gowns to A-line silhouettes to formfitting sheath. It makes you feel like royalty, but always remember it is important to pick a wedding dress that best suits your body shape. With regards to shape, I personally think I suit a dress with a fitted bodice, full skirt and cinched waist; so I went for that! I knew I wanted to walk down the aisle in either a Oscar De La Renta, a Reem Acra or Monique Lhuillier wedding dress. These are my favourite brands when it comes to bridal runway but after trying em out, I think the Monique Lhuillier wedding dress I picked out accentuates my positives the best! Click the link to about my dress hunt: THE WHITE FROCK.
  • SHOES - Choosing a shoe that pairs perfectly with your wedding gown is a dilemma. There are so many choices, styles, colours, shapes and not to forget, comfort! You'll probably be wearing the pair from day to night. I have a preference towards staying grounded, so I'm planning to wear nude Valentino Rockstuds flats for my big day, I have yet to break them in but I'm pretty sure my feet are gonna thank me on that day.
  • BRIDESMAIDS - The best friends, the A-team, the wedding day front line! These are the people that play a big role in making your bridal shower and wedding day a dream come true. And I think dressing them up in something pretty is another fun task for a bride. I wanted my bridesmaids to be matchy-matchy for my wedding, so I tailored Hepburn-styled mini dresses for each of them to wear. I can't help but smile thinking of them walking down the aisle with me!
  • INVITATIONS - Invitations will be the first glimpse of the style of the wedding. There are many little details when it comes to the invitations, such as the type of fonts, the printing style, the effects, the colour tones, the components you need to include, the foreign translations, and the creative/traditional jargons. It is a whole new vocabulary when speaking with the designers! I was already fixated on the style of wedding invitations I wanted for the wedding, so Le'En let me handle this one on my own. So, if you receive the invitation, you might notice it is a little feminine. Haha! I honestly had a hard time finding the right words to say in the invitation; I wanted to fit all the important information, the RSVP details and something sweet in a short paragraph. The designers are in the process of designing our invitations now, and I can't wait to take a look and mail out the invitations! 
  • VENDORS - Booking your wedding vendors is one of the most important tasks to do, booking them last minute may incur steep costs or unavailability. So, it's best to hire your photographers, videographers, make up/hair stylists, pastors, and musicians/emcees, a few months ahead. Fortunately for us, majority of our wedding vendors will be sponsored and we are very grateful to Studio31One, Wedding Story, and Zinc Korean Hair Salon. We will be also having a Instagram photo booth, courtesy of InstaPrinta and printed prop boards/name cards printed by Hochoy Printing & Packaging Co. We are so thankful to them for their contributions, and we look forward to working with them on that joyous day.
  • FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS - The floral arrangements will set the tone for the wedding and beautify an empty space. Designing and organising floral arrangements isn't as easy as it looks, so I recommend you hire a professional florists to help you. I'm a sucker for flowers and flowers symbolise our time together, so it made the perfect decor for our wedding! We have not discussed with the florists the flowers we are going to have at the wedding yet, but we are meeting them early May. I am looking forward to choosing the flowers for the arch and the centrepieces, I want to have fresh flowers everywhere! And I want to have peonies for my bouquet, but I don't think they will be in season so I might have to opt for something else. Boo!
  • CAKE - Think of buttercream, sugar flowers, sweet toppers and single number tiers. Wedding cakes can be traditional, oh so bridal or even quirky; the internet has all kinds of out-of-this-world creations. For our wedding we are going have a five-tier wedding cake, half dummy/half real. I have a firm idea on the design of our wedding cake; I think it will complement the theme and mood of the wedding perfectly. Picking the design was a piece of cake (no pun intended), but picking the flavour was the difficult decision! The hotel gave us a number of delicious flavours to choose from and it took us days to decide on the flavour. We ended up choosing a neutral flavour, something a little unexpected. I don't think it's an easy flavour to guess, but I believe it's gonna be yummy! And I decided we shall eat a fresh cake of this specific flavour, every year on our anniversary!
  • FOOD TASTING - Whether you have in-house or outside catering, it is important to organise a food tasting session. As part of the wedding planning experience, I think it's best to know the food being served at the wedding, and it is the best time to give your honest opinions and make changes to suit your specifications. We have not booked a date for ours yet, but I'm sure Le'En is looking forward to the food tasting cause he's a big foodie. I'm pretty sure we are going to pick the Oriental menu over the Western menu, and I love how each course will be specially served and plated for each of our guest.
  • VOWS - Writing vows can be a little daunting, but it will be meaningful when recited at the altar. We've already done our solemnisation and exchanging of our wedding bands, so we plan to recite our vows in front of our immediate family and dear friends. I haven't even started writing my vows yet! I don't think it's an easy thing to write but I think i will probably flow out of my fingertips if I write it down.

Despite hearing/reading negative thoughts about weddings, I personally think weddings are meant to be one of the happiest days in a lifetime. I don't regret any choices made for my wedding, I think I stayed within my means. I believe my wedding is going to be exactly what I wanted - an intimate, white wedding in a ballroom under the stars, filled with beautiful blooms. Xxx

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