May 03, 2015


May 03, 2015
Received metallic temp tattoos from TaraTats (@taratats) a week back, and I couldn't wait to stick em on! I've had my eye on this summer craze ever since I saw this trend storming Tumblr

It's pretty easy to stick on these delicate detailed jewels, all that is needed is a little water. There is no mess and no fuss, just gleaming gold and shimmering silver! The tattoos can go on any part of the body, but I personally think they work best when mixed and matched with real-life pieces. It has this barely-there look on the skin and creates a rather interesting illusion of depth.

Here are some shots from my pool date with Le'En, I think these metallic beauties work great with the camera and a bikini!

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  1. Love this! And the tats from TARA /taratats are so fun and versatile and yet can give the sophisticated look at the same time. 💕


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