October 16, 2015


October 16, 2015
Spent the afternoon scrolling through my camera, it is filled with my honeymoon photographs! And it sparked me to get down to writing and sharing our wonderful memories on my blog.

Le'En and I had an amazing time on our honeymoon! It may sound cheesy and cliché, but every bit of our honeymoon was a beautiful adventure! We had a number of beachy destinations in mind for our honeymoon, but we decided to skip the sunshine destinations and play the wild card. We chose to explore the French Riviera and make moments out of the treasures of Le Midi! And I have to admit, it was a great idea! We had a rather hard time researching and planning our honeymoon itinerary cause there wasn't enough reviews to aid us; so we decided to plan the days, make a list of must-sees and wing the sights. Hopefully this post will provide a crash course for anyone who wants to make a trip to the French Riviera. Haha!

We started out in sun-kissed N I C E. And like its name suggests, it really is nice! Everything about this city is nice - the food, the people, the sights! It's pretty easy to get around as well, we explored most of Nice on foot, thank god for my comfy espadrilles. Haha!  Ate like the French; had escargots and onion soup in a quaint restaurant at Place Masenna, deemed to be the most historical square in the district. Climbed all the way up to Colline du Château/Castle Hill to capture the panoramic view of Nice and it's ochre-hued buildings. I despise climbing stairs, but the view from up there was worth each step! Walked along the curve of Promenade des Anglais, there's something calming about the azure sea and blue umbrellas. Made friends with all kinds of dogs as we walked through Jardin Albert I. Bought some blooms from the flower market in Cours Saleya. Took a ride on a merry-go-round, haven't been on one since I was a little girl! Had plateaux de fruits de mer at Cafe de Turin, an unmissable cafe at the side of Place Garibaldi. Took a stroll in the narrow streets and admired the colourful architecture of the Vieille VilleAnd spent the last hours of the day lazing on black pebbles. I love, love, love the energy, charm and grace Nice oozes!

Our next stop was red-carpet C A N N E S! Think the glitz, the glamour and the gowns! Started off with a little shopping at La Croisette's posh boutiques; got something so that I could keep a little memory of our trip. Sat under an umbrella bed and sipped on magical cocktails, watched the waves crash on a private beach. Had mussels and frites in a restaurant on a street graced with leafy palm trees. Made a stop at Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, home to the prestigious Cannes Film Festival; no red carpet for us though. Boo! Took a romantic stroll on Vieux Port, the marina where luxury yachts park. Awed at the vintage sports car parked along the lawns of the Belle Époque hotels. Walked along the mile long promenade that skirts the shore and watched as the sun set. It felt like we were in paradise, we whole-heartedly enjoyed the beauty of Cannes at a leisurely pace. It didn't take much to please me; I just needed the sun, sand, sea and a pair of sandals.

We then hopped on a three hour ferry ride to champagne-soaked S A I N T T R O P E Z. It is the place to see and be seen! The moment we stepped on Quai Jean Jaurès, I fell in love with this iconic coastal town! It felt like a scene from a movie! It is the perfect summer playground - pastel pink is it's navy blue, yachts are it's cars! Found ourselves lost in the side streets and secret passages of the old village. Relaxed on the port where the indecently large and luxurious yachts park in the harbour. Had an amazing lunch in the tres chic Dior des Lices, dining in that lavish setting was a dream! We spent hours under a white umbrella surrounded by a lush garden of greenery. Drank amazing strawberry Bellini's and had delicious food served on Dior bone china; all made by three-star Michelin Chef,  Yannick Alléno in his summer kitchen. Did some retail therapy in the golden triangle! Their mix of shops is strange but great, it's like you can step in to buy your groceries and then walk next door to buy a clutch from a big-ticket boutique. Shared a sinful chocolate softie and watched old men play boules at the Place des Lices town square. Basked under the sun and got tan lines at La Glaye Beach. And ended our day back on to the ferry! I think that's the best way to get to St. Tropez! The ride was nothing but breathtaking - wind in our hair, sunshine on our face and magnificent views that the camera could not capture. I remember the feeling I had on that day, and I'm starting to think I left my heart in Saint Tropez! 

I have been pouring word after word, I guess it's time for some photographs! I'll continue writing about our honeymoon in another post. Until then, enjoy!  

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