November 11, 2015


November 11, 2015
Back on the keyboard and ready to continue where I left off about our honeymoon! Where we left the beautiful south, and crossed both the French & Swiss border, and entered beautiful territories!

Hit the road and took a crazy three hour drive up to V E R D O N G O R G E, known as the Grand Canyon of France. The drive there was breathtakingly beautiful, I think photographs and words can't properly express its beauty! We had such an adventure chasing the Verdon Gorge; started from the bottom where we dipped our hands in that aqua, verdon water, and made it to the top where we sat along the edge of a cliff, trying to bask in its magic. It can't be captured, the feeling and the sight, it really is something not to be missed! I'd recommend taking this trip this to anyone, it's a little tricky finding the gorge, but it's worth the trouble! We got a little lost on the way there, but I think that's the fun part about road trips! We wandered around with our car and GPS, crossed through mini towns looking for signs and found something unexpected, like amazing coco/nana crepes! Haha! That drive up made me feel like a speck in this wondrous world, it really does make you question your existence. And we both agreed, that the drive was one of the best parts of our honeymoon!

We then drove on towards the Swiss borders, the skies were black but we made it safe and sound to G E N E V A. We spent the end of our honeymoon in this cosy metropolis, cause we wanted to visit my family. Nothing feels like home when family is around! It's like time passed so fast while we were there. We explored the old city of Geneva, wandered around the heart of the city, had midnight talks and a movie marathon, had all kinds of international cuisines, and tried the Swiss favourites - cheesy fondue and buttery rösti, fed swans along Lake Geneva, drank wine every night before bedtime and enjoyed each day like it was our last! We made so many memories in Geneva, I'm so glad we decided to stop here.

We also drove up to M E G È V E and C H A M O M I X M O N T - B L A N C! Charming mountain resorts with snowcapped peak, quaint towns and postcard views. Snapped thousands of photographs, I think my battery died so fast that day. Haha! Did some luxury shopping and marked a number of things off my wish list. Warmed our tummies with the yummiest tempura. Explored the beautiful towns with sinful chocolate ice-cream in our hands. And just danced on the streets cause everything about the day was too beautiful. We didn't have much time there cause we were trying to make it down before the sun set, but we had such ahhhmaazing time up there! 

Thats about it for now, cause my battery is running low. I'll be back with one last post to round up our honeymoon in a bit! Xxx

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