December 18, 2015


December 18, 2015

These photographs are from my bachelorette bash! It was such a crazy, memorable night; with rainbow shots, ice-cream cones and pyjamas party packs! We didn't do that bar night, truth or dare, stripper thing; instead we spent the day lazing at a rooftop bar and the night singing, talking, drinking and dancing in our hotel room. We've done all that nitty-gritty, so spending the night chilling with my best friends was the perfect way to party! It's kinda strange that all of us are in different parts of the world right now. And it's tough to get five of us in one place together at once but thankfully for the internet, our WhatsApp squadchat goes on every day. Yeeeaaaaaah! We've been through all that up/down bullshit but these b*tches are like family to me! We have a solid foundation of inappropriates, inside jokes, shenanigans and love! Looking back, it's amazing how we have lived in each other's best stories! A little shoutout to my diamonds, I love and miss each one of you, Merry Xmas! Xxx 

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