February 27, 2016

February 27, 2016
It's been a while since my wedding and I think it's about time I write about this joyous occasion! I honestly felt nothing but contentment on that very day and there were so many reasons that made this day one of the happiest days of my life.

I had my family, my best friends and my husband; all in one place! And that feeling was beautiful. I wanted time to stop, I wanted to press the pause button and relish the warmth I felt. They were all here, showering me with attention, affection and adventure! That's what I find beautiful; it was the feelings linked to the heart and not anything physical.

And I think our choice to have our wedding on the grounds of Capella made the celebration feel like an glamorous escape. The lush lawns, elegant villas, wandering peacocks and amazing view suited the black-tie wedding! Capella did a fantastic job decorating the Grand Ballroom, my all-white theme came to life and it looked like a dream! The room was adorned with flowers, I loved the elegant floral arrangements, the bouquets in giant cocktail glasses and the baskets of loose petals. The center-piece, the silverware, the menus, the thank-you notes, the door-gifts; all perfectly placed - I didn't even need to change a thing. And my five-tier wedding cake was an edible piece of art; the delicate flowers and crisps layers were so detailed! The magnificent floating glass sculpture by Nikolas Weinstein definitely matched the theme. And the individually plated courses tasted as delicious as it looked. Everything in that circular ballroom was immaculate!

I actually spent most of my time in the Bliss Bridal Room with my bridesmaids! The perks of being the bride! The private room was made for a star, it had a three-face full length mirror, a mini-walk in closet, a hair-wash booth, a giant make-up table, and comfy couches. I had so much with my bridesmaids in that gorgeous room! We were singing and dancing, having pillow fights, practicing our march-in, taking countless of selfies, munching on canapés, dressing and undressing! The memories we made in that room are indescribable! We were practically making a home in that room, my husband had to force us out of the room in order for the ceremony to start. Haha! I am so grateful to have my bridesmaids share this day with me, these diamonds made me feel on top of the world. They made the day about me, they catered to my every whim and fancy, they praised me and perfected me. Having them by my side when I said my vows and having them march-in the ballroom with me was like a perfect fit to a puzzle.

Some meaningful moments also happened at the Portico! The sight of the Portico from behind the glass window was unforgettable for me! My mum smiling at me, our close family and friends seated on silver chairs, a runway of petals leading to a curtain arch, our bridesmaids and groomsmen standing in line and my husband waiting patiently in the center. It was like a fairytale, I felt like I had butterflies in my tummy! And as a daddy's little girl, I was holding on tight to my dad's arm, ready to walk in confidently. It really means a lot to me that I got to walk down the aisle with my dad. He has been a rock in my family, always strong and calm. He has never failed to disappoint and is the one with advice when hearts are hardened. He takes care of my family and loves my mum whole-heartedly, and gives us all a warm home to come back to. So, to have the most important man in my life give me away to the love of life was an honour. Our moments of vows is also something I cherish dearly. I had teary-eyes as I read out my heart-written vows to Le'En - my soulmate, my husband, my best friend and my family. I feel truly lucky to be married to him! I feel complete and filled with him; it's like whatever souls are made of, his and mine are the same. I hope one day we will look back on our vows and remember why we wrote them. The Portico will keep those moments, and I believe I could relive those moments in my head when I step on that small space.

I have a few regrets about that day! Firstly it's my dress, the fact that I got to walk down the aisle in a Monique Lhuillier wedding dress was a tick of my bucket list. I love all my wedding dresses, but everyone has a favourite and my Monique Lhuillier 'Jade' dress was the one. I didn't want to take it off, and looking back I honestly feel I didn't wear it long enough! I changed three times that day, but I wore that dress for the shortest time. Another regret would probably be my hair, I had no idea what I wanted to do with it! I didn't make a choice, I just let the stylists do anything. It's not that I didn't like my chosen hairstyles, I just wish I put my hair up in a messy bun and dressed it with flowers. In spite of that, I am so thankful to my sponsors, Zinc Salon, their stylists Rany and Rena did all my hairstyles and make-up and they did a wonderful job, I just wish I made up my mind with my hair! My last regret is the photographs! I didn't give clear instructions to my photographers on photographs that I wanted taken. They took so many beautiful shots and I love them all, but unfortunately I'm missing some important shots. Eg. A proper family photograph, a proper husband/wife photograph, a full length shot of my wedding gowns and a shots of my cake, flowers, etc. But that's all right, I have the memories in my mind and all that stuff is minor. 

I could probably go on and on about my wedding but I think I've been typing too much, it's time for a video, one that creates a story for my words! It was sponsored by Wedding Story Malaysia and I strongly feel their work is amazing! I am sooooooooo pleased with the video! We didn't want anything cheesy or lovey-dovey, so they took our words and did something experimental and it turned out crazily awesome! 

And nothing tells a story better than photographs! And thank you to my photographers who followed me 24/7 and for trying to shoot my good side.

I'd like to say thank you to all our guests for being a part of our wedding. I hope everyone had a good time! The ceremony would be nothing without all the love, support and blessings.

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