May 12, 2016


May 12, 2016
Made a trip to Newcastle Upon Tyne cause I missed my best friend/baby sister, J O A N! We had so much fun in that chilly, little city. Big regrets cause we didn't take more pictures together, but we made so much crazy memories!

We twinned our daily outfits. Explored the towers and dungeons of Newcastle Castle. Drank hot cocoa as we strolled along the Quayside. Raced across Gateshead Millennium Bridge and caught an amazing view of the whole town from the Tyne Bridges. Drank gintonic(s) in a beautiful garden themed restaurant. Took a tour around Northumbria University and had chocolate banana waffles. Did some retail therapy at End Clothing and added some cool ass sneakers to our collection. Drank Earl Grey tea below the Earl Grey Monument. Caught up with an old friend for a little 'meet & greet', no pun intended! Ate authentic asian food at Chilli Padi. Watched beautiful snowflakes fall in our hands. Partied in winter wear from one club to another. Had sister twime with our big sister, Khym who flew in for a day; it's been forever since we three were in the same place at once. Took a crazy roadtrip to Yorkshire with some friends, I looooooooove how quaint and historical the place is! Walked around happily in an abbey (I'm a big fan of Downton Abbey). Drank ale and ate fish & chips at Drake's. Danced on the steps of York Minister. Had tea and cakes at the famous Betty's tearoom. Walked around town in the cold as the sun set. Drove on roads with no post-lights and sang for hours in the cars. Lit up the town with our crazy adventures. And ended the trip rushing to the airport to catch my flight back home.

Had minimal sleep for a week, but it was all worth it! Love you Joan! You're the ketchup to my mustard! 

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