June 23, 2016


June 23, 2016
Ended and started the year in Bangkok again! This nine day trip was exactly what I needed to unwind after sucha busy year!

Got to spend family time with my parents! Indulged in a holiday favourite - coconut chocolate cake. Shopped till my luggage was full, from Chidlom to Platinum to Paragon to EmQuartier; the list of wants was endless. Played with exotic nocturnal creatures in Chatuchak Market. Turned two shades darker, thanks to the blazing sun. Ate soooooooooo much ice-cream! Admired beautiful art. Had mummy-daughter moments. Had the most amazing chicken wings and prawn pasta in Greyhound. Cracked every bone in my body at the massage spa. Spent nights having heart-to-heart talks with my bestie, Ruby! Over-ordered sweet treats in Vanilla Cafeteria; we couldn't finish everything, unfortunately! Received two birthday surprises; one Thai Tea cake from the wonderful hotel staff and one Cheesecake from my buddies. Enjoyed an amazing pre-birthday lunch with my big sister, Khym. Stood fifty-two high above ground. Spent my birthday with a family of big-eared foxes and a naughty meerkat; it really was an experience I'd never forget. Took midnight strolls with Huz under the Chirstmas lights. Tried all kinds of flavours of ice-cream, it's incredible the staff let me and Ruby scoop everything on our own! Danced and sang at a 180sky lounge in our pajamas and watched fireworks; it was a beautiful way to kick off two zero one six! And ate a flower cupcake before flying home. Hopefully my photographs give you a better vision for my word snippets.

Bangkok is definitely a place I could visit over and over again, I love everything about it! Take me back!

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